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Complementing Any Interior Style
Embrace the essence of minimalism with Lights lamps, seamlessly blending into any interior aesthetic, be it traditional or modern. Elevate your space with our sophisticated lighting options, each exuding a distinctive and chic design, crafting an atmosphere that's both welcoming and refined

Infusing Space with Both Illumination and Artistry
Step into the enchantment of Lights lamps. These lamps go beyond simple illumination; they're essential elements for crafting your ideal home decor. With their dynamic features allowing dimming and color adjustments, you effortlessly set the mood for any event. Whether you crave a tranquil retreat or a vibrant gathering, Lights lamps cater to your every ambiance desire

+20.000 Satisfied Customers

Perfect end table lamp!


I got this lamp to use on an end table next to our couch, and it's the perfect amount of light for people like me who don't like to watch TV in total darkness. I love that it's cordless, as it can be placed just about anywhere, and can double as a portable emergency light during a power outage. With it's 3 touch levels of different intensity / coolness or warmth, it would also make a great bedside lamp. It's also small and light enough that it's easy to place almost anywhere for recharging. It's a really nice accessory.

Petite but useful


This tiny little lamp is only a foot tall, and a few inches wide, but is waterproof, making it perfect to use outdoors by the hot tub, or on a lakeside table for a romantic dinner - It's so small it could even be placed in the center of a floral arrangement. I love how it can be adjusted for brightness and "color warmth", and because of its diminutive size, it can be used on even a crowded desk, or carried about in a power outage.

Works great


I have it set up on an outside under cover table for some extra light at parties. It works fine and is sleek looking. It charged easily and worked right out of the box. Its a very attractive unobtrusive lamp.

So cute!

Colleen in Ohio

Absolutely love this little lamp. Perfect for my dresser in my bedroom when I want some soft light on at night but don't want to wake up the hubby! Charged fast and sturdy design, very chic.

great cordless lamp


This cordless table lamp is perfect for using in your room. It's a recharable LED lap that is waterproof and portable. It's an easy to use lamp and the light function is really nice. it's a good size too and great for carrying around on the go if you are camping!

Makes me crazy!

Michael F.

Not literally but I need to get some more since I can think of a number of places to use these. The small size yet light up a coffee table bright is a key use for my needs. That and dimming capabilities make this a win-win. Gimme more!

Good customer service

Soren M.

Fast delivery, arrived the next day. Really good and kind customer service. Keep what they promise. The product is exactly as expected, and nicely wrapped and protected. Will definitely shop again.

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